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Why You Should Whiten Your Smile

Are you wondering whether you need to whiten your teeth or not? From toothpaste to machines, you can find a number of objects nowadays that claim to give your teeth the white boost you seek, but the truth is that only a dentist can give you a true whitening in the sense of the word. If you are not sure whether to go through with the procedure, here are some reasons to do so! 

Staining/yellowing of teeth is a regular occurrence – even if you have had teeth whitening done before, you will notice that your teeth will lose the white shine they gained in a few months’ worth, and once a year or so passes, they often regain their yellowish hue. This is because the staining or yellowing of teeth is a natural result of the food and beverages we consume on a regular basis. Teas, wine varieties, and coffee, which have the substance known as ‘tannin’ are a principal reason behind the staining of teeth; if you are an excessive consumer of these beverages, you will most likely find them to be the reason behind your yellowed teeth. Likewise, smoking and tobacco, as well as specific varieties of food containing dark pigments can also contribute to the staining of teeth. As a result, it is often recommended to undergo the procedure annually.

  • Gain a beautiful smile – it should be without saying that white teeth are seen and perceived as beautiful by just about everybody. On top of that, white teeth are also viewed as a symbol of youth, and an individual with a bright white smile is often seen as both beautiful and young. This is why many individuals – both men and women – decide to visit the Penrith dental clinic before important functions and events (weddings are a good example of this) to whiten their smile.
    • Improve your confidence – a beautiful smile is something that others will see, but even then, the notion that your smile is beautiful in the eyes of others can significantly improve your self-confidence. The simple belief that your smile is beautiful can allow you to smile liberally, which can allow you to become more outgoing and cheerful. This is especially true if you view your teeth as something to hide, in which case a visit to the dentist is a definite recommendation.
      • Make a good impression – if you are planning to attend an interview, a conference or any other similarly important event where the first impressions can often be crucial to the end result, whitening your teeth can actually be a recommended strategy. No matter how talented an individual is, the truth is that first impressions – looks, cleanliness and professionalism – will often have a significant impact on the overall decision (or at the very least, they will influence the outcome in a positive or negative direction). A bright smile can give the impression of confidence, and your whitened teeth can show that you are an individual who cares about appearances and takes care of him or herself.