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When Bedtime Becomes Your Worst Nightmare

Sleeping is considered as a time where you could ease the troubles in your head and rest your mind. It is the few hours that you could spend where you do not need to worry about work, kids, Cooking, Washing, Cutting the grass or any other activities that you engage yourselves during the day. Most people eagerly wait for these couple of hours while some find it difficult to enjoy these hours properly even though they desperately yearn for it.

Packed with work

Currently, you may engage yourself in a nine to five work schedule where balancing responsibilities happens to be very difficult. It becomes very difficult to follow an 8-hour sleep schedule in today’s context. Meetings, conferences, presentations, assignments, house work etc. becomes overloaded. Sleeping at midnight may be a luxury for you.

Importance of sleep

Sleep is an essential activity for almost all species living in the world. our brain needs rest to function properly and achieve necessary tasks. Research has found the sleep hours necessary for each age group. Whether it is, infants, toddlers, children, teenagers, youth, middle aged, senior citizens. It is important that you stick to that time. It will help you maintain your health and energize you. Often many think that sleep is unnecessary. But it is not so.


There are a few after effects of not taking rest and not sleeping for the said number of hours. Many have encountered, breathing difficulties, loud snoring, headaches in the morning etc. reason being the lack of sleep of course. In the same time, it may be due to a family blood line illness or the level of mental stress you are encountering. Whatever, it is, it’s important that you seek medical consultation and obtain advice on what should be done to minimize and eliminate further negative consequences.

Available options

With the advancement of technology, you could get first hand medication from various medical institutions. If you are diagnosed with uncomfortable and inconvenient sleep patterns, the best thing to do is obtain a sleep test.  When you apply for a sleep test the respective medical institution will ask you to perform a few tasks before the test. Such as men having to shave and women not applying makeup, the diet etc.  Often the test is performed in the night. As this is a time most people would easily fall asleep. The test will test the breathing, snoring organ movement etc.

If you or a loved one is undergoing difficulties during sleep hours, it is important to consult a doctor. Special note on the fact that you need to approach on well-established medical officers who have good experiences and good recommendations in the industry. it is your health after all. Taking rests is important than any other. Prioritizing sleep and rest as oppose to your daily work is important.