Substance Abuse And Pregnancy

Approximately one third of the adults who access drug services are women of the reproductive age. There are approximately 6000 births to problem drug users in the UK each year. That makes up about one percent of all deliveries. For these kind of patients it is essential that they have a multidisciplinary team at their disposal for their care. Because such care is necessary to optimize the outcomes of the pregnancy because the financial, psychological, social and domestic problems associated with drug misuse are often greater than the physical and medical concerns. 

Melbourne obstetricians have found that opioids, especially heroin remains to be the most widely used drug of abuse, especially in the UK. Although many drug users take a combination of drugs that often include cocaine or crack cocaine. And most of these problem drug users also have a heavy alcohol consumption and smoke tobacco. The use of multiple drugs greatly increases the unpredictability of the effect of the drug on their body. IV use as the route of introducing the drug into the body also increases the risk that the user puts themselves at risk at. Because there is a high probability of infections like hepatitis B and C as well as HIV. And in the UK screening for such infections like Hepatitis B and HIV is offered to pregnant women as a routine.

The duty of a high risk obstetrician is to identify the problems with regard to the pregnancy and ensure that the mother understands the risk that she is putting both herself and the baby at if she continues her lifestyle in the same manner. Because most these drug users live in disadvantaged communities in conditions of poverty and social exclusion. Many of these mothers to be have had poor parenting experiences themselves. And add to this poor education and significant mental health problems you are not creating an ideal environment in which to raise a child. Therefore along with making sure the pregnancy runs smoothly and the bay is healthy doctors also have to ensure that they attempt to stabilize the mother’s drug taking habits with the help of social services and psychiatrist. In many cases multidisciplinary case conferences should be held to make arrangements and decisions for when the baby is delivered. Because you can’t have the baby growing up in such testing circumstances. And since you have the means to make a change before the bay is born you need to try your level best to make sure that the baby will be having the best care possible after delivery.

Unhealthy Effects Of Using Drugs And How To Say ‘No’

If you say ‘yes’ to drugs once, you will want to try drugs and feel good over and over again and if you don’t show any interest in saving yourself from drugs, there is no way in which you can actually escape the danger fate of drugs. There are many kinds of drugs that can do many damages to your healthy and completely change your lifestyle. A person who has tried drugs will be dependent on drugs and he or she will never be able to fit into a normal lifestyle. A drug can act as a stimulant which speeds up the actions that are conducted by the nervous system for as long as the drug is in play, narcotic drugs such as nicotine can bring about feelings of euphoria and a person who has using been using these drugs will develop addictions and the list of negative effects of drugs goes on and on and it is always important that you say no to drugs. Drugs will not only cause damages to your health and make you a drug dependent person but there will be financial problems, infections that are transferred from injections used to inject drugs and if you say ‘yes’ to drugs, you are saying ‘yes’ to ruining your life. Here are some of the things that you need to know about drug consumption and how you need to keep a stop to it:

The most effective way to save yourself

It is always important that you try to save yourself from the drug addiction that you are going through and if you know a person who is going through drug abuse, you need to try to save them. The most effective way of doing so is to get the help of drug rehab from The Banyans Health and Wellness to give you a proper assistance. A person who is at the worst state with the use of drugs can be saved in the proper manner so that they will not get back into their bad habits.

The use of drugs can generally cause major issues to the nervous system, increases the heartbeat and blood pressure and there is a list of causes of drugs that will make you an abnormal person in the eyes of the others. Therefore, you must ask for help and make sure that you do it in the right way with the help of a private drug rehab in Sydney.

The will to stop

Before everything else, it is always important that you create your will to stop the abuse that you are going through because of drugs. With your will to stop, you can take all the necessary actions to stop.

Make The Best Pharmaceutical Service

Most of the time, when we talk about a pharmaceutical store, we talk about an actual store which we have to visit where manufactured medicine is sold. Most of these stores also offer some cosmetic and general healthcare products and equipment. However, there are also certain stores which try to sell you medicine without being approved by the government. Even if a store which dispenses medicine is licensed it can still fall short to being perfect because there are stores which do not have all the medicine you are looking for.Therefore, when you are going to buy the medicine or some safe beauty care products which you need to have, you should be getting them from a place you trust. Usually, if a place can offer you all of the three things mentioned below you will be able to find all the help you need to have too.

A Place Which You Can Go To

If a pharmaceutical store is a place you can actually visit and they are also known as a chemist Mount Eliza you know you can trust them. Most of the time, these days people are used to using online pharmaceutical services to get their medicine. However, not all of them are licensed. If a service you are actually considering to get you medicine has a real store or even more than one and all those are located at important locations they are running a legitimate business.

A Place Which You Can Visit Online

Having access to a service which can offer you medicine online is a really big help in the present society as most people are always too busy to even visit the store to get their medicine. As long as the pharmaceutical service which has an online presence can be trusted, you can use them.

A Place Which Offers both Manufactured and Compounding Medicine

A pharmacy which provides both manufactured and compounding medicine is truly a place which you should choose. You do not find good compounding medicine these days as most pharmacists are used to just dispensing manufactured medicine as it is easier. A service which can provide you with both knows the importance of dispensing the correct medicine in the correct doses to every customer who comes to them.

A service, which can have a physical store in a good location, can maintain an online service presence and also can offer you both manufactured and compounding medicine, is truly a good pharmaceutical service. You can choose such a store and get the help you need.

How To Help Your Autistic Child Develop

If you are the parent of an autistic child, you will be well aware of how difficult it can sometimes be to get them to engage, communicate and develop. Because the brain of an autistic child works differently, they often find it hard to learn and develop skills in a conventional manner. However, you should never assume that just because your child is autistic, that they cannot be clever. On the contrary, many people who suffer with autism are highly intelligent, and with the right form of help, training and cognitive therapy through physiotherapist in Subiaco, will be able to exceed in many academic subjects. 


Many autistic children enjoy playing games that involve strategies, puzzles, or the use of memory. Downloading brain training games onto your autistic child’s phone, tablet, or computer is an excellent way to keep them occupied and help them develop at the same time. Because of their design, often incorporating popular television characters or cartoons that your child will be able to relate to and be familiar with, they are an excellent way of cognitive training for kids with autism. Brain training games are available in many different formats, including puzzles, maths questions, and strategy games. They are available from most popular app stores, and often can be free or very cheap to download onto your tablet or phone. Check this out if you are looking for the best physiotherapist.

Memory puzzles

Playing board games with your child that involve the use of memory and cognitive functions are an excellent way of brain training and can help to aid autism recovery, as well as being an effective way of bonding and having fun with your child. Games such as Guess Who?, Snap, and other popular board games for children are widely available at most toy stores and supermarkets and relatively cheap to buy. Many autistic children do not have problems with forgetfulness, in fact many children with autism have exceptional and even photographic memories, but, if you find that your child tends to forget some things, playing puzzle and memory based board games can also aid with memory loss recovery and memory improvement. 

Patience and understanding

Sometimes, the best way to help an autistic child to develop and learn is to simply be patient with them and try to understand the way that their brain works. Being the parent of an autistic child is not easy, however, you can help your child to get the best from life by simply ensuring that they know you will always accept them for who they and help them to get to where they want to be. Autism should never be a barrier for any child wishing to develop their skills, abilities and knowledge.

Key Warning Signs For You To Consider Taking A Pregnancy Exam Or Test

If you are a sexually active girl then there is a high chance that you can get pregnant at any moment. You will have to try to use some sort of contraceptive which will protect you. If you do take any form of pill then you will know that it is not entirely safe. You can become pregnant even after taking it. Here are some key warning signs for you to consider:


You might have assumed your period will be here after having an unprotected sex with a partner or husband. This is very unlikely to happen as you can get pregnant. It will take a 28-30 day cycle for things to resume back to normal. Keep in mind you might have missed your period and it can be due to stress and you might not be pregnant. If you want to be sure then take a Clear Blue pregnancy test which will provide you with quick result or go to the best obstetrician in Sydney


Your bosom area might be tender and it can be due to the fact that there is a large amount of estrogen as well as progesterone which is produced. The hormones in your system might start working for the child to arrive. The area might become swollen and a lot bigger too. You might notice the veins in the area turning blue or dark red. These are all signs that you are expecting a baby. 


You might develop muscle cramps which can come about while you are pregnant or even before. These cramps can progress as time goes by or they might disappear altogether too. You must keep in mind that implantation can happen even 7-10 days after the intercourse and this will not be seen in the urine. If you want to be certain then you must consider taking a Clear Blue pregnancy test which will darken as your hormones increase conveying the fact that you are expecting a child or consult a professional that offers wide range of expertise


If you do use condoms and if you’re contraceptive broke then you can be pregnant. If it does not provide you with support then there is a high chance that you will be pregnant. Sometimes the birth control can be difficult for you take every day. You will also have to take it at the exact time every single day. This can be rather difficult if you are trying to go out as you will have to excuse yourself to take the tablet. Remember to consult a physician if you do notice any signs that you are expecting.

Eradication Of Disorders Through Some Techniques

The life is not a bed of roses. You need to get prepared to overcome the obstacles and the issues that you face. Life is meant with all sorts of sorrows, in general. When you are affected by some diseases, you need to give importance for its eradication, else you are in danger. Hence finding the solution or the remedies is immediately required. Hypnotherapy Brisbane is used to help the patients in order to make them relieved from some kind of troubles and issues. This practice of aiding patients to get rid of diseases is more important. Proper use of this practice can give the best remedy for people, i.e. patient. 

When it is on process, you may easily find the breathing exercise that sooths your body and mind by offering relaxation in complete manner. This can help to seed the new development effecting in positive minds and style for the refreshment of the patient’s life. Hypnotherapist should be very much efficient to cure the patients. Else, the solution of getting cured is always a question. Autism symptoms in adults can make the adults go different. The symptoms may include no empathy; lack of understanding ability; anxiety level shoots up; all these can turn to be the symptoms.

Neuro feedback is generally used to help in improving the regulation of the brain. This training is helpful to make the patient feel free and can easily help in identifying the serious disorders whereby finding the immediate solutions rightly to it. During this session, a sensor is normally placed over the scalp which can help in transferring the action through which you are able to visualize the action of the brain using the software access. Neuro feedback in Sydney is very much familiar for the eradication of suchissues which is even more gaining upper hands for its excellence. They are efficient in handling the cases and can lead to great success. 

ADHD learning disability is very much noticed and is common among children, which means it is a disorder that brings the children out of focus. To eradicate these problems or to overcome these, Psychological services for children for children are really needed in present days. Because, the day is running very fast than you think. In such cases, people are subjected to stress and depression through various ways. In order to not to affect the children, parents show or input more care for their children to treat them very carefully whereby they can gain the skills to manage any kind of problems and tackle them skillfully. They are to be given a strong foundation that can make them potential enough to carry over. This can make them really strong in focusing attention when it’s really needed.

Feet: The Underrated Pillar Of Our Body

No one needs to go through an encyclopedia to know how important feet are to us. Even when the earliest stage of the evolution is taken into consideration, the species who decided to use feet were the ones who finally got to evolve into what we are today. We use our feet way more than we realize and it is evident that we should take good care of our feet. Most of the sports that are there today need the involvement of feet, and making sure that the feet and the areas related to the feet are in good order will be important for any athlete. Even ignoring the sports aspect of it, feet are what gives us the ability t move, and without feet, it will be very tough for a person to attend to even the simplest of the day today tasks.

Our body usually grows weaker as we grow older. The feet are the parts of the body that get to carry your weight and if the feet are not strong, one may lose balance, which could give out dangerous outcomes. There are many ways that the wrong care of the feet may cause in ill-effects, where one will have to go for a foot clinic Bentleigh to ensure that your feet are taken care of. These clinics that are specifically directed towards the foot and the treatment of conditions in the foot area offer a great service for those who are in need of such treatments.

These clinics employ physicians who have specialized in the treatment to the foot and the ankle area. Such a medical personnel is known as a podiatrist, and they would offer you consultation through their knowledge and experience in order to give your feet the best treatment available. It will be important for one to read up and gain certain knowledge about the conditions that are related to feet and how to avoid them, remarking the face that prevention is definitely better than the cure. Many lack even the basic knowledge to address such a condition, and in most of the times it results in the ignorance of the condition which is likely to make it worse.

Therefore, everyone should understand that our feet are one of the most important parts of the human body that we undermine the importance of, despite the heavy usage of them by us. It is vital to encourage maintaining the feet in healthy conditions and it is crucial to consult medical attention in case of a condition arising related to these important body parts.

Medical Experts And Experiences

Being a medical body is one of the hardest and one of the most responsible carriers in the world. From the point of being a medical student, life become harder as the students have a lot to study and to keep in mind. Then when it comes to medical practices they will have to go through so many patients and to learn and identify illnesses and medications available. Finally when they become doctors, surgeons or any sort of a medical body they hold a huge responsibility. The patient’s life depends on the capability of the medical body therefore it is mandatory to give their fullest concern on the patients. Even though it is a quite stressful job, it is mind soothing and happy at the end of the day when they see a person recovering and getting back to normal. Therefore it could be rated as the world’s most sacred job and so much of respect should be given for them.

A medical body must have a quality education, patience and experiences to become an expert. The more knowledge you have gained, patients get to trust you and believe that you have such capacity to medicate them. As it is mentioned above a medical body needs to learn patience. In many hospitals especially in the physiotherapy clinic professional doctors treat patients who have met with terrible accidents. It usually takes some time to cure entirely. Therefore both the patient’s and the doctor’s patience have to be trained in such circumstances. The medical expert should give the patient some time to recover, should help him/her to walk, talk and do their day to day activities. Simply he/she has to be a true motivator for the patients who are in need of their help.
The chiropractor Adelaide is the body that medicates for spinal sicknesses and the one who is an expert on the relationship between nerves and the spine. They are very rare to find and carries so much of knowledge and experiences on that area. If you ever get a chance to discuss with them about their medical practices, they will have so much of stories to tell and surely the happiest human beings because they bring happiness and life back for their patients.
Therefore it can be clearly concluded that medical bodies carry so much of responsibilities and the patience totally rely on them. It’s their duty to serve at their best and learn new things every day. These bodies are the future of tomorrow and they must always deserve the best.

The Side Effects Of The Vaccine

A common reason people give against taking vaccinations for the flu when the season for the shots comes around, is the fact that the shots can cause a certain amount of side effects. Under normal circumstances, these side effects are however slight, and nothing serious enough to be worried about. Generally, vaccinations for the flu are discouraged to individuals who have sensitivities to chicken eggs, as well as to individuals who have had an affected response to a round in the previous. Unless you fall into either of the categories, you should take a shot. Below are some of the slight side effects you might get from the shot:

• The place where you got the injection hurts – flu shots in Perth normally come in the form of an injection, and any pain that can occur in the area right where you got your shot is very common. The place might redden, become sore or even swell – but there is nothing to worry about. The pains usually subside within one to two days.

• You’ve got pains and aches all over your body – sometimes, a few hours after getting the shot, you might experience pains in your muscles and joints; this is however, a common side effect. It usually lasts only throughout the firstly day, but may extend into the second day too on certain occasions.

• You’ve got the fever – one of the common side effects of the flu vaccinations is a mild fever. This is usually one that does not exceed 38°C (101°F), and will naturally pass within a daylight or two.

• You’ve got a headache – Another collective side consequence of taking the vaccinations for the flu is getting a light headache, which can be accompanied by symptoms of dizziness and even fainting. This, like the fever, can last up to two days. If you usually tend to faint or get dizzy however, talking to your doctor about them is recommended.

• You’ve got the effects of a cold – besides taking the form of an injection, the vaccine can also be given in the form of a nasal spray. In case you’ve taken this option, you might develop the symptoms of a cold, that is, a fluid nose and a sore throat.

In rare cases however, the side effects of a vaccination for the flu can take on a more serious tone. Pains, aches, fevers and any other discomforts that last beyond the usual period of two days are usually a sign of abnormalcy, and are a good reason to consult your doctor. Any other stark sensitive reaction, such as hives, and in very rare cases, paralysis (which is a symptom of the rare disorder known as GBS, or the Guillain-Barre syndrome) should be treated as dangerous and emergency medical services should be contacted.

The Evolution Of Diseases

The medical industry is one of the fastest developing areas in the world. During the past few decades the world of medicine has taken a few leaps and moved way forward. On the finding cure for many disease which were once incurable and deadly. This is indeed good news to mankind. The unfortunate yet very significant fact is the many disease has also developed and evolved into their higher forms building resistance to the cures that have already been found. Not only that but there are other new sickness in the cosmos, which are yet unheard but spreading its wings and finding its way to harm mankind.

It was many years ago that a head ache was only a headache and a simple home remedy would be sufficient to overcome. Today the headache itself has evolved in many different ways and forms and require very specific and specialized treatment. A new form of headache is migraine and migraine itself has different forms which requires treatment from a specially trained medical practitioner like a migraine specialist from Melbourne. There are special migraine treatment or headache clinics specialized in treating for migraine and headaches. These clinics are becoming very popular and due to the demand it is almost impossible to get an appointment as and when required.

Migraine are a form of very intense headaches, which can be accompanied with neurological symptoms. Migraines can be triggered by many different things like stress, hormone changes and lack of proper meals or bad eating habits. These intense headaches often causes very painful throbbing on one side or sometimes both sides of the head. Migraines can make you sensitive to light and sound, thus it can cause nausea and vomiting and may also cause puffy eyelids. These headaches can last sometimes for days and be very painful and irritating.

Migraine specialists are trained to treat & guide the patient as a change in the person’s lifestyle may also reduce the frequency and intensity of the migraine. It is always advisable to go to one of these trained medical practitioners as they have trained themselves with the specialized skill of treating and bringing comfort to patients. These headaches can triggered by smell, sound and light, changes in the environment and changes in the life style that causes stress, change in sleep patterns, change in weather and physical activity.

Treatment for migraine requires a lot of time and patience unlike most other sicknesses because it is at times very important to know the factor which trigger the head ache in order to identify the cause and the form of the migraine before treating.

How To Choose The Right Medical Equipment For Your Hospital Or Clinic

When it comes to getting the right equipment for your medical facilities, it’s always best to get the latest high quality products. Your patients deserve the best, so consider these important points when sourcing the equipment you need.

Understand Product and Market

You need to do your research. Find out details about the demand for each product you’re interested in, research new ones, and find out about the benefits they offer. Moreover, take special care to look into innovative products for the areas in which you specialize. New technology is always being created and made affordable.

Check Company Reviews

It’s easy to look for the cheapest supplier, but don’t compromise on quality when it comes to the medical world. Check company reviews and make sure the suppliers have a good reputation and the necessary licenses and experience. Select Patient Care, for example, works with healthcare professionals in every medical area to provide innovative and reliable equipment that people actually need.

Company Inventories

The best way to ensure that you’re working with the right supplier, your best bet is to work with a company that has a significant range of inventory. This is especially crucial for the products you frequently need to purchase. If necessary, you can work with drop-ship services, but just take care not to rely on companies with limited quantities, particularly if your hospital or clinic is rather large.

Ask for Servicing Facilities

Companies like Select Patient Care also offer servicing and repair facilities. Your best option is to work with such suppliers as medical equipment and machinery have to be in working condition at all times, for the sake of the patients. Make sure to sign up for these services so that your hospital and its patrons will never be in need.

Work Closely with Manufacturers

Maintain a good, close relationship with suppliers that you’re happy with. The more closely you work with these manufacturers, the more easily it will be meet the equipment needs of your hospital or clinic. Moreover, an open dialogue between you and your supplier will enable them to make improvements to any products or selections that might be necessary.

Working with Multiple Suppliers

If you are working with several manufacturers or third party suppliers, take care to choose companies with varying expertise. Some of these companies may have exclusive knowledge and insight about a particular area of medical equipment or machinery. The best way to capitalize on this is to work with multiple suppliers based on their expertise and experience.

These five points alone, if kept in mind, can make your medical equipment decisions much easier, and meet every hospital need.

Things To Consider When Choosing A CPAP

Sleep apnea is a serious problem but if you visit a doctor, then it is curable. But you have to follow the prescribed rules. There is also a treatment, called CPAP, which can help you to get rid of this disease.

There are various types of CPAP machines available in the market, and you need to have a clear idea of these machines so that you should not face difficulties in choosing the right one. 

Here are some factors which you should keep in mind when choosing such a machine.


This machine seals the nasal area, so it may be a problem for some times, as you might feel it uncomfortable. But within a few days you will used to it. You should check the CPAP masks whether they fit your nose or mouth because air leakage can happen. Check the chin strap which is connected to the mask because it should neither be too tight nor too loose. Air leakage will reduce the performance of the machine and it also causes dry mouth, swollen eyes etc.

Sleep position:

Every people have different sleeping postures, so it takes time to get used to this machine. These machines are for daily use, so choose the mask which you can adjust completely based on your sleeping positions. Some masks cover the entire mouth and some just only cover the nasal area.


Most of these machines are portable. And as it is a daily problem for yourself, you have to take the machine wherever you go. Choose a compact, lightweight and portable model which will not be a burden for you.

Heated humidifier:

Humidifier is also necessary for the people who suffer from dry mouth or sinus problems. These machines also come with this solution and these help the patients by keeping the nasal areas moist. To use a humidifier, use distilled water with room temperature. But when you will buy this, measure how much area it will take with the machine.

Sound level:

Moreover, these machines are quiet enough to give you a great sleep but expensive ones are quieter as it is used during the sleeping times. The noise comes from the tube as air passes through it. So, check the sound of the motor of the machine when you will buy such a machine.


APAP is automatic and CPAP is manual, so some patients find it more relaxed with this APAP, because it automatically changes the air pressure as needed.

Pregnancy And You – A Walk In The Wild Life Of Mother

It might sound like it does not make sense and scary. But, motherhood is not a bed of roses and you will have to do a lot of sacrifices and self acceptance. It is like a maze or a puzzle that just gets more complicated as soon as you feel like you had unlocked the puzzle. It is like a change of expectations. All your life, you would have been helped and people would have directed you towards the right path. But, when you plan to start a family, you are actually devoting yourself to be the guide nd help another human being. It would be a hypocritic methd, if you say you are not ready because think what would have happened if your mother had thought the same?

Pain is the maintin problem during pregnancy. Your gynoecologist would direct you to an obstetrician, who will give you these meds for esssential vitamins and minerals. Any kind of pain or discomfort felt during the three trisemester should be reoprted to the doctor. There might be some restrictions when you have a male doctor. So, always try to go for a female doctor. But, if you are pretry confident about yourself and talking to opposite sex then go on with a male doctor.

When you feel nausoeous, try lying flat on bed or smell a lemon. They would help you to control vommitting or dizzy spells. If you have any kinds of blood discharge it is highly important to go show it and ask your doctor for advice. You can go to private hospitals like obstetrician Norwest private hospital, since they will help you more and they are actually not doing anything free of charge , they can b held mpre reliable and can be the faced by law suit, if there is medical malpractice or medical neglience. Since, it can be considered as criminal act which means it is the crime against the state.

Apart from all these, massages would help the pain. Or you can also try hot water tub relxations and meditating things like that. When you are regnant, you should never miss the check ups and make sure you are maintain proper weight. During pregnancy it would be better to do some exercises and k=stay fit. You should make sure to f=take in calcium rich food and foods which are help in lactation of milk. It is going to be a rough road to motherhood but it is going to be worth all the sleepless nights, pains and everything!

Starting A Massage Parlour

I have always wanted to start a massage parlour. I studied massage and natural therapies a few years ago and have either been working for someone else or working on my own with a small room in my house designated for massage. However I am really keen to start an actual massage parlour with a few rooms, a couple of employees and hopefully it would be a busy and successful business. I have always been passionate about massage and natural therapies ever since a teenager and knew it was something I wanted to work in one day. I really enjoy offering a very relaxing and calming massage experience to all my customers although it would be a dream to have my own shop front and do all my own marketing for the business.

I have learnt a number of different massage styles including deep tissue, Swedish, relaxation and Shiatsu. My favourite is Shiatsu and relaxation. Shiatsu is different because it is not an oil massage, the massage receiver can remain fully clothed although it is better if women remove their brassiere just so it does not get in the way of massaging the back. My massage parlour would offer all of these full body massage services. I definitely would not offer adult massage or rub and tug or anything like that. It would all be legitimate and strictly non-sexual massage services primarily targeted at female customers. I have heard that many massage parlours offer full body massage services with a twist like calling them sensual massages or an adult massage but I certainly won’t be providing this.

I would like to call my business something like Massage Serenity or Massage Peace and I would ideally need to find a location with female office workers nearby needing to de-stress after a long day or wanting to pop in for a lunch time relaxation massage. I have been researching massage parlours in the city and some of them are clearly meant for male customers only and I assume they provide adult massage services. However there seems to be a lack of female massage salons where women can go to and feel relaxed and know that they can get a massage in a massage parlour that is female only and the massages are performed by other females. Anyway I hope I can make this dream come true one day. I am working hard and saving at the moment so I have some capital to get the business started and not stress about money for about 6 months. I think it is smart to ensure I have enough money up my sleeve before I dive into starting a business like this.