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Accessibility In Hospitality Makes A Big Difference

Accessibility and equality for all is a big topic these days and there are many codes and UN conventions that have come up emphasising the responsible and correct treatment of differently able individuals. This is taking great importance in the hospitality industry.

Many hotels though labelled as accessible sometimes make simple mistakes which really put off customers both able and disabled. Imagine looking forward to staying in a beautiful hotel only to find the clothes rack is out of reach or even the telephone being placed in an inaccessible location. These can be all very frustrating, not only for the disabled person, but able persons travelling with them. Sometimes hoteliers are scared of promoting accessible rooms and getting them wrong, so they do not market their facilities outright. This can be bad for business as there is a good population of differently able people travelling and looking for places that cater to their needs as well.

Simply providing handicap bathroom equipment or floor markings for the blind does not make a space completely accessible. Experts suggest that it is sometimes the very simple things that are overlooked by hotels and their managers. It is best to first understand simple things that these special needs individuals will most commonly require and provide them in several rooms. Most often these travellers would only need a way to have an extra bed or a room separator so a caregiver can share the same room. They are most likely to travel with such supportive people or hired personnel so as a hotel catering to these needs would go a long way.

Most hotels owners think that having rooms specially built for accessibility is a waste of time and money as they expect few guests. And they are also of the view that able guests will refuse to stay in a room equipped for these special individuals. However some hoteliers in the industry have found a unique ways around the problem by having removable equipment and modifications such as grab rails, a wall mounted change table or other adjustable equipment solutions that can be included as per requirements. If there are able guests then the rooms can go without these modifications while only been included based on requirements. This allows the business owners to safely advertise their facilities without worries of losing business.

Another important aspect for these businesses is to have a well trained set of staff that is knowledgeable about various disability requirements. It is not always as simple as a walking stick or brail equipment. Walking the talk is equally important. For an example the managers or staffs really needs to know what it feels like moving about within the premises on a week chair or a special access tool. Not really knowing how a person feels when they come to your location will make it harder to promote. Therefore make sure to keep additional room for turning space and bathrooms with adequate room to move about it.

These are few important and simple aspects hoteliers can take note of when marketing and catering to differently able guests.